Discover your lover


Discover Your Lover takes you on a sexual journey with your partner where enjoyment is essential. Using 240 questions and tasks, you and your partner will discover what the both of you really like. The game starts with affectionate, romantic tasks. The next level the game takes you to is the intimate level, things start to warm up now. Then towards the end of the game, it’s time for the passionate challenges, with sparkling action where nothing is a must but anything is possible. In a playful way, barriers are broken and you will feel closer than ever before. ’Discover Your Lover’ is disarming, exciting, direct and daring, hilarious at times but never disrespectful. In this game, everything can be played or adapted to your own liking. Before you start to actually play the game, each player expresses one of their wishes or lustful desires. This can be a long time cherished erotic fantasy or a simple but delightful breakfast in bed. The winner of the game gets their wish/desire fulfilled by their partner. In a true sense, the game therefore has no real loser. Contents: - 1 game board (20'' x 20'') - 240 question cards - 240 task cards - 1 die - 2 pawns - 2 hourglasses - Rules of the game

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