Nude/XXXplicit - english


Nude/XXXplicit... An adult game where you get to reveal all your senses…
Nude/XXXplicit... For the fun to be challenged by your lover who will do everything to make you reach climax.
Nude/XXXplicit... To keep your passions in check at all times! Nude/XXXplicit... A variety of erotic suggestions along with exciting accessories to spice up the game.
Nude/XXXplicit... above all, is a stimulating game that quickly gets to the point! A perfect sensual and erotic mix! 
The game includes: 
• 2 tokens 
• 1 die 
• 1 hourglass 
• 1 board 
• 1 blindfold 
• 1 vibrating ring 
• 4 decks of cards
*Vente finale